Tony Bliar- run and hide- we charge you with Genocide.

Tony Bliar, the disgraced former Prime Minister of Britain and the Butcher of Baghdad with the blood of at least 100,000 Iraqis on his hands, was forced to slither in the back door to Eden park's Conference Centre in Auckland today, to avoid a posse intent on putting him under citizen's arrest.

Bliar, now known locally as the Backdoor Man, shared dinner with some of the low life scum who make up New Zealand's Corporate and Political Ruling Class, where tickets were slashed in price from $1500 to $500 to desperately fill some seats.

Outside, anti war protesters were in high spirits, disrupting the Conference Centre with loud sound systems, sirens and chants. The group of 50 then attempted to access the Centre before being blocked by a phalanx of Auckland's Boys in Blue, who have not been briefed on the Geneva Convention or their responsibilities to prosecute international war criminals. But then again, their function is not to bring justice, their function is to defend the ruling class.

Tony Bliar's media coverage has subsequently revolved around his lying, his war crimes and the fact that he was unable to show his face publicly in Auckland, and although protesters were unable to place him under citizens arrest, his image as a global Leader is severely dented, if the rest of his life he is reduced to accessing public buildings via backdoors, surrounded by hundreds of security guards and cops.

One day, he'll be in the dock.
Until then-
Tony Blair, you can't hide-
we charge you with genocide.

Stuff video HERE
3 News video HERE


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