All Black Block against Adidas- Saturday 1pm, Eden Park.

The Adidas corporation are guilty of
(1) exploiting third world labour,
(2) charging exorbitant prices and
(3) commodifying sport.

Three stripes and you're out.

Anti-capitalist group Socialist Aotearoa is organising an All Black Block this Saturday at 1pm at the front gate of Eden Park, where we will burn the Adidas corporate logo in protest.

The obscenely low pay brings shame on New Zealand and the Black jersey.

Join us.

more info- txt Joe at 029 44 55 702.

NZH: Oxfam says AB jersey workers getting 60cents ph

Non-profit organisations such as Oxfam have highlighted the fact that many factories used by Adidas pay their workers poverty wages while making huge profits.

Oxfam, Play Fair and China Labor Watch say wages at Adidas factories in Asia are as low as 60c an hour.

The Rugby World Cup-branded jerseys are made in Thailand, and the non-tournament All Blacks jerseys are made in China, where Adidas has come under scrutiny for poor wages.

Adidas's response last year to concerns about low wages at its factory in Indonesia was that the company promoted "improved wage-setting mechanisms" to ensure fair payment.

It did not set industry wages, which were closely linked to the minimum wage.

Oxfam New Zealand executive director Barry Coates said wages had remained at the bare minimum, although the worst abuses in sporting brands' sweatshop had waned in recent years because of publicity.

"It seems rather obscene that all of the value is being captured by the rugby union and Adidas and none of the value is being captured by the workers who are at minimum wage or close to it," Mr Coates said.

"That's not fair. The fair way to do it is to share the value up the supply chain because people can understand that if you can sell things for higher prices, then surely people who make them should have a share of the higher price."


Jeremy said…
In a recent article you are quoted as saying this:

"''We're calling on adidas to immediately raise the wages of all its garment workers in Asia to industry standards, to drop the price of the rugby jerseys to an affordable level and to apologise to New Zealand for its arrogance,'' "

I'm sorry but do you lack the basic skills in economics to realize that raising the price in which people get paid inadvertently raises the price of the product also?

It saddens me to see people complaining about the very things they take for granted without be able to think rational about how it would effect them if they got their way. You seriously need an education.

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