Anti capitalist action against Adidas- video

Adidas exploits workers in repressive, third world countries. Socialist Aotearoa's Joe Carolan explains why workers in New Zealand are burning its logo in this video.

All Black protest against Adidas at Eden Park tomorrow

Media release
Socialist Aotearoa
4pm 12/08/11

Over the past weeks public outrage has grown at the $220 price Adidas has set for the sale of All Black shirts and the sweatshop wages being paid in Adidas factories in Asia.

Anti-capitalist action group Socialist Aotearoa is calling for Aucklanders to rally outside of Eden Park’s front gate Saturday 13 August at 1pm. The three stripes of the Adidas logo will be burnt in protest against the Adidas corporation.

“It is simply unacceptable for Adidas to simultaneously rip off rugby fans, its own workforce and to corrupt the Rugby World Cup with misplaced consumerism,” said Socialist Aotearoa spokesperson Joe Carolan.

“We’re calling on Adidas to immediately raise the wages of all its garment workers in Asia to industry standards, to drop the price of the rugby jerseys to an affordable level and to apologise to New Zealand for its arrogance,” continued Mr. Carolan.

“Aucklanders should dress in all black clothes tomorrow and join us in protest at Eden Park to protest Adidas exploitation and consumerism”

“If Adidas think that they will make good publicity out of the RWC while their workers in the developing world get paid a pittance they can think again. Outrage at Adidas’s sweatshops and exploitation will not go away,” concluded Mr. Carolan.

Three Stripes Your Out.

1. Sweatshop wages to garment workers. Oxfam and the NZ Herald have revealed that despite a high sale price, Adidas pays its garment workers as little as 60 cents an hour.
2. Charging people exorbitant prices for All Black jerseys.
3. The ongoing commodification of sports. Sports are a place of inclusion, community and co-operation- corporations such as Adidas are creating a culture of elitism and profiteering around sporting events.

Joe Carolan is available for comment on 029 445 5702 or


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