Protest for file sharing takes over Queen Street - Get Lee's KPOP Mixtape Vol. II

200 people rallied in Aotea Square as part of a day of action against the Copyright Amendment Act.

For the first hour people chilled out in black, drinking coffee, listening to pirated music, and heard speakers against the law - John Minto from the Mana Movement, Gareth Hughes from the Greens and a speaker from the Pirate Party.

Socialist Aotearoa brought the tunes and dozens of placards reading "Pirates vs. Empires. Same shit. Different century."

At 1pm SA led the crowd into the street to chants of "When internet freedom is under attack, stand up fight back", the march moved down Queen Street and took over the intersection between ASB and Civic Square. With Dead Prez blasting over the SA sound system, hundreds engaged in an impromptu sit down occupation.

Chants of "Fuck John Key" echoed in the warm late winter air. A tino rangatiratanga flag waved above the mob.

As the police cars sirens screamed towards the protest, the black clad youths dispersed into the street, back into the everyday, to continue the resistance.

On September 1 the Copyright Amendment Act comes into law. There is always a underground way of avoiding and fighting this law, but SA is committed to fighting the anti-file sharing law out in the open.

If we don't the government will continue to pass new laws that make it harder to share music, books and movies for free.

All roads lead to Melissa Lee's office next Thursday on the day the law comes into effect!

Melissa Lee's K-Pop Mixtape Vol.2 - Mass autographing
Time: Thursday 1st September, 4pm to 5pm
Location: Melissa Lee's Electorate office, 779 New North Road, Mt. Albert

Freedom to the internet pirates! Corporate empires, your days are numbered!

Videos and more photos to come.

Download the Torrent of Melissa Lee's KPOP Mixtape Vol. II - Here.


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