amandla! 30 yrs after the Tour- a Photo Essay

John Minto meets up with old comrades

the badges of struggle

South Africa, Tuhoe, Chile- one world, one struggle

Red Bloc
The Lawyer and the Liberator


Forgotten Heroes

Comrade S'bu gives us the message from South Africa today!

Smash Racism

Marlborough Street was the scene of pitched battles with the police 30 years ago.
The People United

Marlborough Street, 30 years ago

Comrade S'bu from the Shackdwellers Movement of South Africa

Malcolm and Biko

Flags of Struggle

The Beating of Jimmy O Dea, near Dominion Road
Reflecting on Past Battles

Remi and the Red

Was it all to just change the colour of the Flag?

Or do we need a second revolution, a movement against Economic Apartheid?

Comrade Peter Hughes was active at the time with the CPNZ

Solidarity with the poor and working class of South Africa today

A Happy Day
Respect to the Warriors


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