Detonation- the Student Struggle rises like a Pheonix from the ashes of apathy at AK Uni

a university is the people in it, not the profits it makes.

the Student Struggle
rises like a Phoenix
from the ashes of apathy
at AK Uni
video, photo story
and commentary
from Joe Carolan,

3news report HERE

"The racist profiling used by the private cops on campus to trespass two leading Maori students, is an indictment of the warning given by Professor Margaret Mutu the security guards have senior leadership from a South African background who apparently think that the University of Auckland is a private area where premission must be sought to engage in political activity.

The University of Auckland is on Ngati Whatua land. The University of Auckland is funded by the taxpayers, who in this capitalist society, are largely the working and lower middle classes. Workers and Maori have every right to be on University.
Without our land and taxes, it would not exist."

Why was our comrade Marcus trespassed from Auckland Uni? Read NO COPS ON CAMPUSLink
Read the Anticapitalist Uni Occupation Special HERE
A Student Movement Reborn- Video an pics from the first occupation at Auckland Uni HERE
We broke into the VC's Office- memories of the Waikato Occupation 2000 HERE

detritus of an occupation

they were dressed in uniforms of brutality

liberated zone no2

echoes of a student uprising

plural: a movement of students

Ake, Ake, Ake!

Struggle Street

contagion- the struggle spills off campus and into AK City centre

Meet at the University Quad at 10am


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