Liberation for Palestine - Solidarity from Aotearoa

"We should be voting on whether there should be apartheid or not," said Palestinian in Aotearoa, Billy Hania. Listen to the full RadioNZ interview with Billy here.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has quoted Gilles Deleuze in his letter of support for a Palestinian state to be recognised by the UN,
The Palestinian cause is first and foremost the set of injustices that these people have suffered and continue to suffer. And I dare add that the Palestinian cause also represents a constant and unwavering will to resist, already written in the historic memory of the human condition. A will to resist that is born of the most profound love for the earth. Mahmoud Darwish, the infinite voice of the longed-for Palestine, with heartfelt conscience speaks about this love: We don’t need memories/ because we carry within us Mount Carmelo/ and in our eyelids is the herb of Galilee./ Don’t say: If only we could flow to my country like a river!/ Don’t say that!/ Because we are in the flesh of our country/ and our country is in our flesh.
Mana spokesperson John Minto is calling on Foreign Minister Murray McCully to support the Palestinian appeal to the United Nation for recognition of a Palestinian state.

Mr Minto says 63 years of Palestinian oppression is an international embarrassment and New Zealand should get on the right side of history and vigorously back the Palestinian cause.
He says Peace in the Middle East can only come through justice and Justice is on the Palestinian side.

“MANA believes in self determination and extends to the Palestinian people who have suffered terribly from a 40 year brutal Israeli occupation, all the hope that their latest attempt at recognition at the UN is successful.

“We also want the Government to condemn Israel for continuing to block peace efforts.

“A number of us in the MANA movement have been long supporters of the Palestinian cause, which is something Maori who have been battling sovereignty can readily identify with.”

Mr Minto says when even conservative publications such as the NZ Herald are supporting Palestine entering the UN you know the tide of the debate has turned.

Yesterday in Assira al Qibliya, hundreds of Settlers attacked the village, immediatly a volunteer “settler-attack watchdog” arrived as soon as Israeli soldiers invaded the village and started shooting tear gas and bullets at residents for standing out against invading armed settlers. Several people were injured including a Palestinian journalist and a 14 year old boy who were sent to the nearest hospital. Video of the Israeli raid on the village:


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