Key slagging John Minto brings an invitation for the 1% to meet the 99%

from John Minto- Mana Economic Justice Spokesperson.

“Instead of slagging off myself and the occupation movement on national television last night Prime Minister John Key should come to Aotea Square in Auckland to meet the people involved in the movement.

“I’m happy to personally accompany Mr Key around the occupation. He would be welcome to come and have a cup of tea and engage in some robust discussion with young New Zealanders and listen to their hopes and fears for this country and the global economy.

“The occupations around New Zealand are part of a global movement which is fighting back against the 1% running the world economy for themselves off the backs of the 99%.

“On this year’s National Business Review rich list John Key was the 56th richest New Zealander with a wealth estimated at $55 million.

“He was among the 150 wealthiest New Zealanders who last year increased their wealth by a staggering $7 billion. And to add insult to injury he would have paid minimal tax on this increase in wealth because most would be capital gains which are untaxed in New Zealand.

“And then just to make sure he’s looking after his rich mates the Prime Minister delivered tax cuts last October with 40% of the value going to the top 10% of income earners.

“Prime Minister Key is part of the 1% who have gained their wealth at the expense of the 99%.

“It’s good to see inequality in New Zealand now becoming an issue of serious public concern. The gaps have always been there but they widened dramatically in the years after Labour’s “rogernomics” economic reforms. In the 20 years after 1984 New Zealand had the fastest rise in inequality in the OECD.

“Mana is fighting the election with policies to turn this around.”


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