O15- October 15th- let's Occupy Queen Street.

Queen Street Occupied- lets come back with hundreds.

Words of the struggle- click to enlarge

Take back the public space

on the front


become a part of the people's movement

All over the world, the People's Movement against Austerity, Cutbacks and Capitalism is planning a mass day of action for October 15th 2011. IN countries like Greece, Spain and Italy, mass strikes are planned. IN the USA, the Occupy Wall Street movement is inspiring activists in another 70 cities to occupy their CBDs in protest against Corporate Power.

Here, in Aotearoa, we have seen a reborn student movement begin to take direct action and occupy their University in opposition to Neoliberal attacks on education. This spilled out onto Auckland's main street on Saturday October 1st, where one of the busiest junctions in New Zealand was occupied by the Real Aotearoa Hikoi. It is not only students who are angry at the direction John Key and the NACT Government is taking New Zealand- they were joined by Maori, workers and environmentalists, who took direct action and took over the central city for over an hour.

The final of the Rugby World Cup approaches, and the eyes of the world are on Aotearoa. A lacklustre election campaign, with the honourable exception of the candidates from the Mana Movement, sees NZ sleepwalking to a crueller, harder second term Tory Government. Voting is not enough. We need to start the resistance.

Comrades from Socialist Aotearoa talked to leading student and Maori activists after the Real Aotearoa Hikoi and Occupation of Queen Street. We were all agreed that an action on October 15th would now capture the imagination of many who want to fight this rotten government. INspired by the example of the Occupation of Wall Street, we should take our cardboard boxes, our sleeping bags, our soundsystems with batteries and our friends, and take the central city back. But this time, not as a hundred, but as a thousand, two thousand, three thousand.

October 15th 2011- where will you be?


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