Tunes for Palestine - Thursday Night gig at Occupied Aotearoa Square!

Tunes for Palestine - 8pm, Thursday 27 October

Come along and enjoy an acoustic concert at Occupied Aotearoa Square to raise awareness and koha for the campaign to end the siege of Palestine.

Headlining the gig is Roger Fowler, who will be leading the next Kia Ora Gaza mission. Roger opened for David Rovics in 2009 and has a history mixing music and activism right back to Jumping Sundays

Also playing will be Paul Brown, a folk artist from Scotland and passionate about social change.

Otis Mace! Otis has opened for Billy Bragg, The Violent Femmes, The Screaming Blue Messiahs, Chris Knox,The Mutton Birds, and the Exponents

And Matt Billington, aka Myth of Democracy, the punk folk voice of Ak City.

In December 2011, Kia Ora Gaza will join an international aid convoy to Gaza led by UK charity Viva Palestina. The convoy intends to break Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza by linking up with Cairo’s democracy movement and entering the besieged enclave through Egypt’s land gate. This strategy could well lead towards the permanent opening of Egypt’s gateway to Gaza, thus fatally wounding Israel’s siege. That would be a truly world historic event.


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