We are with you now Tangata Whenua

Around the world people are rising against oppressive neo-liberal policies that benefit only 1%. An "occupation" on Wall Street in New York has inspired many similar moves around the world.

A slogan borne from this protest has been "We are the 99%". Aotearoa now joins this movement in solidarity. This is what I wish our country would say,
We are with you now Tangata Whenua. We are now ALL fighting, what you have been fighting since we arrived on your shores to share your lands with you.
We now understand that this oppressive system, that does not treat people or the earth kindly, damages the heart of the earth and spreads to the heart of people. This repressive system, is not of our Aotearoa, it is not our way.
As the world now stands in solidarity against this repressive regime where only 1% are the lucky ones, we the 85% realise that we need your guidance on these issues. Then we will truly bring our number up to 99%. You have been saying for years, what we are now ALL trying to give truth to. We remember that you lost your land and language, and that you had to 'occupy' your OWN lands to tell us that. We realise you are the original caretakers of the land we are now seeking camp on, and we ask for your blessing.
We ask for your blessing because without this analysis of colonial oppression, our movement will fail. But we also understand there is nothing but strength to gain with from having you stand with us, from the outset, because we will ALL benefit when your responsibility to be the TRUE hosts of this land is affirmed.
We understand that we needn't fear your voice anymore. We are with you now Tangata Whenua. Let us fight this fight together.
-Marama Davidson


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