Day 20: "A fightback for meat workers nationwide"

Locked out workers vote on new offer today

Locked out meat workers will hold a “shed” meeting today at Marton Memorial Hall, 399 Wellington Rd, Marton at 11am to consider a new offer from ANZCO.

New Zealand Meat Workers Union negotiator Roger Middlemass says the union and company were in mediation yesterday while locked out workers and supporters protested outside.

“ANZCO presented some different options at the last minute in mediation today which deserve further investigation,” he says. “We will go back to mediation first thing [Thursday] morning before taking a new offer to members.”

ANZCO locked out the 111 sheep slaughter and processing workers for refusing to accept a 15-20% pay cut, shift changes and reductions in allowances.

The workers will picket the plant at State Highway 1 near Marton from 5am before moving to the memorial hall.

As one comment on facebook said of this mornings picket, "The strength and dedication of the union members are amazing. This morning was such horrible weather. Heavy rain and strong winds. Just been talking to hubby, and he said there are 30-40 people there. 50 at the outside. And they still came out in this HORRIBLE weather at 5am for picketing. At the moment its very cold and very strong winds. Not raining thankfully. Nothing is set up as the wind is too strong. And still they are out there showing their strength. Way to go guys. See you all at the shed meeting. :0)"


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