John Minto: "Mana is about giving the power to communities"

Part 1
  • Why stand for Parliament?
  • Labour as part of the problem
  • Superannuation
  • Tax reform -- GST, CGT, Financial Transactions Tax, Inheritance Tax, and Universal Basic Income
  • Investigation versus implementation
  • Retirement age
  • Radical reversal of neoliberalism
  • Capital Gains Tax and Financial Transactions Tax

Part 2
  • Would high taxation cause the wealthy to leave New Zealand?
  • Talleys
  • Free food in schools
  • Community gardens
  • Industrial relations
  • Treatment by the media
  • Pokie machines
  • Refuting the individualist argument
  • Giving power to communities
  • Activism in Parliament
  • Ross Robertson and Manukau East
  • MPs pay
  • Unite Union

Part 3
  • Unite Union
  • Occupy Movement
  • Personal Parliamentary ambitions
  • The Alliance
  • Alcohol purchase age and reform
  • Corporate advertising to children
  • Left-wing stereotypes
  • Corporate control of the country
  • Financial Transactions Tax
  • Compulsory unionism and imbalance in industrial relations
  • Gender equality

Part 4
  • Corporate influence and their rights as individuals
  • What is the Mana Party?
  • Focus on Maori versus workers
  • Maori nationalism
  • Hone Harawira being a one-man-band
  • Political spectrum ideology
  • Election predictions
  • National-Green coalition
  • Election predictions


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