Occupy Otara! Mana builds the Movement.

Socialist Aotearoa activists joined with the Otara branch of the Mana Movement early Saturday morning, blitzing the market with thousands of new stickers. Whilst "Feed the Kids" and "Abolish GST" were massive hits, the surprise favourite of the day was the bolshie "Tax the Rich" sticker. Working people, the poor and Maori are sick of being ground down by the selfish greed of the 1%, and in a land of high prices, high taxes on the poor and low wages, many Otara shoopers went one further, asking why stop at just Taxing the Rich. :)

The Rich are the ones who have attacked our unions, lowered our wages, disrespected our Tangata Whenua and stolen the wealth we have created. They have had it all their way for many decades now, but internationally, their reign is coming to an end. Its good to see some working class pride and healthy disdain for the ruling class alive and well in South Auckland- SA and Mana activists will be working hard in the constitunecy to win as many votes as possible for John Minto and the Mana Movement in the last week of this campaign.

Tax the Rich.
Until they bleed. :)

Joe Carolan,
Socialist Aotearoa


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