Remember, remember- It's time for a Political Explosion in Parliament

combat socialism in South Auckland- house the poor, feed the kids

The Mana Movement launched an explosive electoral campaign on Guy Fawkes Day, threatening to undo his reputation as the only person ever to enter Parliament with honest intentions. Mana stalwarts Hone Harawira, Annette Sykes, John Minto and Sue Bradford were joined by newer faces such as environmental campaigner Angeline Greensill and South Auckland Samoan campaigner James Papali'i, as well as an eclectic mix of funk, reggae, hip hop and soul artistes. Here are some videos of the day, please share widely, and PARTY VOTE MANA- let's bring a political explosion to the Beehive, the like which has never been seen before.

Join the Revolution- the Mana Movement

The Mana Movement's Angeline Greensill and Martyn Bradbury remember Parihaka, Guy Falkes and the 5th of November.

Samoan community activist and former Labour Party councillor James Papali'i tells the story why he left Labour to stand as the Mana Movement's candidate for Mangere

Misty Harrison, 25, represents the Youth/Rangatahi wing of the Party, at list no5.

Sue Bradford, tireless defender of Aotearoa's benificaries and children, and the most effective backbencher ever in Parliament, talks about why she left the Greens for Mana.

Mana's Plan for Economic Justice


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