Mass arrests at Occupy Auckland

Mass arrests at Occupy Auckland today as the police moved in to squash the protest camp. The second raid in four days, over 60 police and dozens of security guards have arrested 20 protesters.

Many comrades are still in the cells as the state cracks down on the protest camp. They join the ranks of those arrested around the world from Wall Street to Barcelona and from Cairo to Santiago. Len Brown and the Auckland City Council show their true colours by smashing the protest of the 99%.

As Egypt celebrates one year of their revolution, the tents of protest in Auckland are carted away by the army of the 1%.

Occupy Auckland didn't have a permit to camp. Bouazizi didn't have a permit to sell fruit. Victory to the global revolution. You can't evict an idea. You can't kill a rebellion.

we needed inspiration, to be awakened
in our bodies, our lives made present
here we are
the world is not right, just or fair
the most have the least
the least have the most

-Socialist Aotearoa


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