Auckland to Oakland: the struggle continues...

In Auckland around 300 people marched against the eviction of the Occupy Auckland camp on Saturday pulling down fences surrounding Aotea Square while in Oakland, California thousands of militants fought running street battles with riot police sustaining over 400 arrests.

Socialist Aotearoa called the march on Saturday in solidarity with the nearly 30 arrested comrades. We also marched to draw attention to the continuing problem of homelessness in Auckland. For 104 days homeless people had an urban Ohu in Auckland but Len Brown destroyed that community. His centre-left council has forced them back under the bridges and into the parks. Len Brown is a Mayor for the rich. The police are the army of the 1%.

The muddled politics, infighting and hardship of sustaining a canvas Ohu in Auckland were every bit as draining as the Jerusalem experience must have been for James K. Baxter up the Whanganui river. Yet his words are like a premonition of the idealism driving so many of the young Occupy Wall Street militants around the world,
‘How can I live in a country where the towns are made like coffins / And the rich are eating the flesh of the poor / Without even knowing it?’
Baxter's call for Lenin to come to Auckland to smash the Pharaoh is timely. Lessons drawn by Lenin from the failed 1905 revolution in Tsarist Russia that the art of an uprising against capitalism is primarily about the ability of revolutionaries to turn a mass political strike into a revolution.

Occupy as a tactic could protest capitalism and highlight its inequalities but it could never overturn it. The overthrow of capitalism requires a socialist revolution. Socialist revolution requires the drawing in of millions of workers into anti-capitalist struggle. During normal times of capitalism revolution is off the cards but during acute social and economic crises when the ruling class cannot rule in the same way and the working class cannot live in the same way - revolution is the word on everyone's lips. For this to happen revolutionaries must work to develop the political understanding of millions of people. This happens as people become involved in struggles in their workplace and community against capitalism and the state. Through these struggles people come to understand that socialist revolution is not only possible but necessary in order to make a world for the 99%.

-Socialist Aotearoa


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