Eyewitness to Police Brutality in G.I.

Defend Civil Rights, Housing and State Assets- Defend G.I.
meet at 530pm this evening Weds 18th April
at Glen Innes Public Library, Line Road
then march to Glen Innes Police Station-
drop the charges. stop the evictions. we will not be moved.

Vicious scenes of savage police brutality in Glen Innes. Four comrades, including John Minto, arrested so far- been taken to Auckland Central Police Station. Local housing leader Yvonne badly wounded in the head, lying on the ground in a seizure. Chaos and state violence is how National wants to steal our State assets.

"police brutality in glen innes. yvonne has been hurt real bad- pushed by cops hard and had a seizure. cops stomped all over her and wouldnt allow any help. people all split up. Yvonne still lying on the road, massive head injury. Cops also went hard for John Minto with a vicious attack- we can't find him anywhere. Women punched and grabbed in the throats. Chaos and state violence."

"8 of us arm in arm, tried to hold back a squad of 12 cops- six squad cars and two paddy waggons, heaps of private security. Two tow trucks. 3 cops pulled John Minto out of the human chain, they dragged him to the sidewalk, slammed him into the ground, twisted his arms way up behind his back, and handcuffed him hard."







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