What Parliament Does, The Streets Will Undo

What Parliament Does, The Streets Will Undo 

Media Release
Socialist Aotearoa
11.45am 28/04/2012

Socialist Aotearoa will join with other concerned Aucklanders today at 3pm on Queen Street to voice our opposition to the privatisation and commercialisation of New Zealand.

 "From teachers marching against charter schools and tangata whenua fighting deep sea oil drilling, from Grey Power members opposing asset sales to university students concerned about tertiary education, today is about uniting the fight against the National Government," said Socialist Aotearoa spokesperson Joe Carolan.

"Workers are under attack across the country as the Government and multi-national corporations conspire together to screw down wages and conditions for everyone from actors and nurses to meat workers and wharfies. We need to stand together to fight back," continued Mr. Carolan.

 This Government has gone mad on the smell of the free market. More pokies in SkyCity, more oil drilling, prisons for profit, secret trade agreements that give away our sovereignty are all symptoms of the illness of casino capitalism in Aotearoa. This Government is attacking the working class and destroying our environment so the global 1% can make more money."

 "On the West Coast of the South Island the body of a seventeen year old boy lies in the rubble of an unsafe mine. We march for him. In Christchurch working people are living in garages and in caravan parks. We march for them. On the East Cape are communities who are resisting the pollution of their coast and kaimoana. We march for them. On the ports of Auckland wharfies work not knowing whether they will have a secure job come Christmas. We march with them. Up and down this country are people who genuinely will not be able to afford the higher, electricity prices that will come with privatisation. We march with them."

"We are marching today with all those people who believe that our Government has become the servants of multi-national corporations and does not represent the majority of working people in Aotearoa."

"Our message to John Key is that Aotearoa is Not for Sale. What Parliament does, the streets will undo," concluded Mr. Carolan.


Socialist Aotearoa spokesperson Joe Carolan is available for comment on 029 455 5702


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