Exit the eurozone or exit capitalism?

In Greece's elections the radical left coalition SYRIZA appears to have 16.6% of the vote. SYRIZA's leader says, "The Greek people didn't give them the mandate to take those decisions [about austerity]. In the birthplace of democracy, there is no democracy. The time has come to return democracy to the place where it was born."

 In France social democrat François Hollande sees off Sarkozy for the Presidency. he's promising to bring home troops from Afghanistan and bring in a 75% tax income above one million euros. On Hollande's flank is Jean-Luc Melenchon's Left Front calling for a citizens insurrection and winning 11% of the vote, nearly 4 million people, in the primary round.

Tens of thousands of people across Spain protested Sunday against education and health care spending cuts as the country slides into its second recession in three years.

As Richard Seymour of leninology.blogspot.com says, "For now the radical Left has siezed the initiative, upended the electoral system, and torn apart the austerity script so painstakingly drafted by the ECB, the presidency and the finance ministers."

Yet in the darkness rises a new fascist threat - Le Pen in France, Golden Dawn in Greece, the EDL in the UK 

How can we make sense of the accelerating political turbulence? What does it mean for the global anti-capitalist left?

Join Socialist Aotearoa for a discussion on the breaking news from Europe's anti-austerity rebellion.

Where: Unite Union, 6a Western Springs Road, Kingsland. When: 7.00pm, Thursday 10 May.


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