Solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers

NEARLY 1,600 Palestinians in Israeli prisons began an open-ended hunger strike on April 17, which was Palestinian Prisoners' Day. An additional 2,300 took part in a one-day hunger strike that day, meaning that over three-quarters of the 4,700 Palestinians held in Israel's jails refused food for at least 24 hours. -- Read More


"Every escalation by the Palestinians must be answered by an escalation from within the imperialist countries who are ultimately to blame for the condition the Palestinians find themselves in. The Israeli state could not survive economically were it not for the direct financial and diplomatic support of Britain and the U.S." -- David Jamieson

Letter sent to Murray McCully today from Global Peace and Justice Auckland:
Kia ora Mr McCully,
Battle of the empty stomachs
We urge you to speak out on behalf of New Zealand in support of the approximately 2000 Palestinian prisoners now on hunger strike in Israeli prisons.
The prisoners want an end to the cruel and harsh treatment they receive and an end to detention without trial. During the last year there has been a 50% increase in “administrative detention” and it is well recorded that conditions for prisoners have seriously deteriorated over that time. New Zealand has a poor record of opposition to Israeli occupation and theft of Palestinian land.
Your government has also been silent on the oppression of Palestinians under Israel’s apartheid policies. This must change. Israel has a long history of ignoring international law and thumbing its nose at United Nations resolutions. It is therefore time this country weighed in on the side of justice and human rights for Palestinians.
This hunger strike gives the government that opportunity. Please give urgent consideration to this request as every day the situation for these prisoners is growing more serious. We look forward to hearing from you shortly.
Yours sincerely,


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