Kiss for freedom

Queer rights campaigners kiss-in in Croatia.
Gay rights campaign group LegaliseLove are holding kiss-ins at Lush cosmetics stores across the country on Saturday to sign a petition 'calling on the New Zealand government to take the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill or the Marriage (Equality) Amendment Bill, out of the member’s ballot and through the parliamentary process'.

Levi Joule, LegaliseLove Auckland's co-chair and the Queer Rights Officer for the Auckland University Students' Association told Socialist Aotearoa, 'We are going to gather out Lush stores, kiss and talk about why we support gay marriage for same sex couples. Lush stores are also going to be campaign hubs for the next week where people can get material, buy a fundraiser Bubble Bar and sign petitions to the Prime Minister.'

'The campaign for marriage equality is important because it gives everyone equal marriage rights regardless of who they love. Adoption laws currently discriminate solely against same sex couples in New Zealand. Changing this law would give same sex couples the same rights and choices heterosexual couples have,' said Levi.

'A lot of New Zealanders don't know same sex couples don't have the same adoption rights as heterosexual couples. These events help raise public awareness about the last forms of discrimination against queer New Zealanders.'

The Auckland events take place this Saturday at 1pm in Newmarket, Botany and Queen Street. Facebook details are here.



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