A Red Square Uprising!

On Friday the 6th July, the Auckland student movement held a fundraising gig to help raise money for the coming semesters activities, and to help bring to New Zealand a student representative from the radical Montreal student Union CLASSE. Over a hundred people attended.

CLASSE is at the forefront of the student strikes involving 180,000 students that have seen the resignation of the education minister Line Beauchamp, and seen hundreds of thousands of people marching almost daily for over 100 days.

The symbol of the Montreal student movement; the red felt square, has crossed the Pacific and is helping to symbolise the crippling amount of debt that students face in this country, because students are squarely in the red! 

Auckland's Khuja lounge played host to a range of music from Reggae (Riddim Tim, Bob Shop, and Chur Bo) to Rock (Mason Clinic), with a smattering of Hip Hop and electronica (Dave Seeka, Lowquid, and Nico Mezcal).

But the highlight of the event was the involvement of the two slam poets Rewa Worley and Logan Dobson who kept the revolutionary flame burning with their personal and politically charged poetry. Watch out for the coming semesters events. And wear your red square proudly in solidarity with Montreal, In solidarity with Auckland, and in Solidarity with yourself!

-Nico, SA

To make a donation to the CLASSE tour -- Student Movement 38-9012-0788748-00
We encourage students to donate $10 each, workers $20, academics $50-$100, and unions $100 or more if they can. 


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