Teach-in - Dangerous Ideas

A half day teach-in on the dangerous ideas at the heart of the revolutionary politics of Socialist Aotearoa. Sunday, 15 July - 1pm until 6pm with dinner provided. At Unite Union, 6a Western Springs Road, Kingsland.

The teach-in will cover three main themes - the intellectual, historical and activist traditions of revolutionary socialism - through the writings and experiences of some of the darkest and brightest points of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

From the science fiction of China Mieville and the Marxism of Tony Cliff to the radical ecology of Mike Davis the first session will explore how socialists spread dangerous ideas.

In the second session we will cover the history of the International Socialist Tendency from the police murder of New Zealand teacher and socialist Blair Peach during the struggle against the Nazis in London in the 1970s, the experience of socialists like Eamonn McCann in the Irish struggle for independence, and the Revolutionary Socialists in the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

The third and final session will focus on the role of revolutionaries in the Mana Movement, the education and student struggles and the trade union movement.

Recommended Readings:

>>>Session One>>>
The legacy of Tony Cliff 

The Struggle for Intergalactic Socialism by China Mieville

Ecology against Capitalism: Slum Ecology by Mike Davis

>>>Session Two>>>

‘Southall was under state occupation’ the day Blair Peach died 

The Battle of the Bogside by Eamonn McCann

Interview with Gigi Ibrahim, Egyptian revolutionary

>>>Session Three>>>
Auckland at the crossroads 

The Evolution of Contemporary Maori Protest by Te Ahu

What should a revolutionary do?


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