Open Invitation to Party at UoA

Austerity is full of shit. It would cost less than $1 billion to fully fund course fees in NZ Universities. That’s half the amount the government has given since 2010 in tax cuts to the richest 10% of New Zealanders. The Vice-Chancellor is getting paid $800,000, while 15% of students aren’t able to afford basic accommodation, food and clothing requirements.

We are sick of this mindless politics of austerity, which makes education into a privilege for the rich or puts students and families into a lifetime of debt. We are sick of the University’s profit-driven and market-oriented agenda, which is rapidly eroding its ability to function as the ‘critic and conscience of society’, and as an open space for expression of dissent.

Enough is enough. Meet Wednesday 10th October, 2pm in the quad.


Spoken word
Anthony Drent and the blood of the innocent
Beach Pigs
Street ART!
Coconut shy!
Food Stalls
Open forum on 'what to do next'?
Trip to see if the VC is in.

 Live Tweeting @FightTheFeesNZ or #FTFNZ

~ Party time ~


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