The Blue Rose - Taking on the system

Antonia Prebble stars in The Blue Rose alongside George Mason as her onscreen boyfriend.

"What world is that?" - Jane

"A world where business is king. And bureaucrats and unionists can bow down. Or get squashed like the irrelevant bugs they are."  - Simon

"And the greenies too?" - Jane

"Especially the greenies." - Simon

The Blue Rose, TV3's new television series starring Outrageous Fortune's Antonia Prebble and Siobhan Marshall, is taking on the system.

As the plot follows Prebble, Marshall and a bunch of other office workers turned amateur detectives on the hunt for who killed Rose, a legal receptionist friend of theirs who ended up dead in the water off Auckland's Silo Park the show tackles the topical political issues of the time head on.

In just the first seven episodes we've seen bloody workplace accidents at fracking sites, failed finance firms with thousands out of pocket, harrasment in the workplace, workplace surveillance, Parnell-based Ponzi schemes, the theft of artist's rights, corrupt cops and shady car salespeople.

Starring Prebble as Jane who works at Simon Frost's inner-city law firm the South Pacific Pictures series criss-crosses Auckland in search of who killed Rose but each new episode introduces new villains and victims that Jane and her sleuthing squad find themselves drawn into helping.

The Blue Rose is well shot with good acting and a nice pace to it. Although it lacks a strong musical score it makes up for it with it's interesting without being overdone characters. Arts students graduates temp at law firms, clued up working-class women run courier companies and middle-aged accountants who refuse to cover up financial fraud find themselves facing bankruptcy and unemployment.

The show rolls closer towards it's climax as Jane's band of corporates by day, Robin Hoods by night continue to take on the system. With a gripping plot and an anti-capitalist political message, The Blue Rose is must see television for all Auckland lefties.

"It actually sounds like an appalling world." - Jane

"What world would you prefer? A world where alturism prevails over greed?" - Simon 

"Yeah, it would be preferable." - Jane

-Sam, SA Auckland


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