Stop Asset Sales? RENATIONALISE.

On Saturday April 28th of last year, over 8,000 people marched through Queen Street in Auckland, insisting that Aotearoa is Not for Sale. The march was organised by a small group of grassroots and left wing activists, but attracted endorsement from the broader left, including the CTU, Greens and the Labour Party.

The anger that people feel against brainfade John Key and the National Government is increasing, month by month. However, there is also another problem in New Zealand today. The lack of any co-ordinated resistance to his policies on the streets or in the workplaces. Individual unions fight defensive struggles here and there. Speeches are made in parliament, but the hard work of building social movements to challenge the Government's attacks is absent. At some stage we must say that the Emperor has no clothes.

The Emperor has no clothes. If parties such as Labour and the Greens would commit to renationalising privatised State Assets when they came to power, then the share flotations would be NZ's version of the Facebook Flop.

And if these assets are renationalised, it shouldn' t be back to the Profit before People SOE model, that killed Folole Muliaga in South Auckland. Her electricity was disconnected under a Labour Government. If Rio Tinto's aluminium smelter in Tiwai Point wasn't receiving such huge subsidies from taxpayers, the average working class electricity bill would be reduced by $80 a month.

This year, on Saturday April 27th, people will gather again to say that Aotearoa is Not for Sale. But this time we have a message too, to Labour and the Greens- Renationalise State Assets, and when you do, put People before Profit. There is no point in saying we should change Governments, if there will not be a change in policies.

To people who are angry at John Key and his rotten Government- If you want to see resistance to this rotten Government on the street, then join us. Help print and put up posters, spread the word via fliers and facebook, and bring your workmates, classmates, family and friends.

Aotearoa is Not for Sale.

Joe Carolan
personal capacity.


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