Why we support Minto for Mayor

Four Socialist Aotearoa activists explain why they are supporting the Minto for Mayor campaign.

I support the Minto for Mayor campaign because he has the conviction and the mana to make a positive change in this gridlocked, sprawling city we call Auckland. To counter Margaret Thatcher's famous words, Here is the alternative! - Nico

I support John because wherever working class people are who need help, he stands beside them. Whether it be with the wharfies, tenants facing eviction in Glen Innes or on the picket line, John walks the talk and we know which side he is on.- Alison

I support Minto for Mayor because he has a history of supporting human rights, and standing for people before profit. I know he will bring these values into his work as Auckland's Mayor. - Matt

I am voting for John because he has stood shoulder to shoulder with young McDonald's workers on the picket lines, fighting for secure hours and a living wage. Len Brown would not know a picket if it pied him in the face. - Joe


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