Top 5 more realistic Auckland Monopoly games

According to the Council of Trade Unions around half of the wealthiest 184 New Zealanders do not pay the top tax rate. Victoria University estimates the value of tax evasion at $1 billion per year.
40% of all Maori males over the age of 15 years have either been imprisoned or served a community sentence.
Finance Minister Bill English stole $32,000 from the taxpayer by claiming a housing allowance he was not entitled to. At the same time English gave billions in tax cuts mostly to the richest individuals and corporations. The wealthiest 10% of New Zealanders got 40% of the value of these tax cuts.
A June 2013 poll showed 55.2% of New Zealanders support a capital gains tax. "The original game was an anti-monopoly game, played by left-wingers in a bohemian town," according to San Francisco State University Professor Ralph Anspach, the developer of Anti-Monopoly, a game that pits small businesses against monopoly capitalists.

Since the 2008 crash New Zealand taxpayers have bailed out South Canterbury Finance ($1.8bn), Allied Nationwide ($130m), Equitable Mortgage ($188m), AMI Insurance ($254m) and exclusive private school Wanganui Collegiate ($3.8m). 

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