Weak, Feral, Scabs.

by Dave Phillips, Socialist Wharfie

The past three years have been one of the worst industrial climates created by greed that many of us will ever see. The expectation of massive returns and a pathological hate of the trade union movement and anyone that dares to join a real union has seen any potential relationship destroyed.
Until the removal of those in the halls of power at the port that embraced and developed the culture of hate we now see in our port, the road to recovery will not commence because the wounds cut too deep. Those that chose to cross-over will never be forgiven and will always be remembered for all time in history for what they truly are, the scab.

There is a saying “to err is human and to forgive is divine” -normally I do forgive, but when the choices that these people made in an attempt to destroy the community by their self-serving actions there will be no forgiveness from me and nor should there be by any trade unionist.

The basis of any working relationship is a simple concept. Trust, confidence and at the top respect. Our members at the port have had all of these trampled on, yet the port company management insists that they operate by their imposed core values and that is where it becomes a lost cause because they don’t live by them none of the above apply. Sadly they must get some sycophantic pleasure out of the belief that this style of management works.

Moral corruption and discrimination against real union members is rife with nepotism being granted to the bootlickers allowing a consistent stream of offspring of the scab to be put in holding patterns to commit the ultimate industrial crime if called upon.

The building of common ground in the workplace begins the moment someone is employed. Trust is the first bond that normally occurs with the employee knowing they can believe in what is being delivered normally the terms and conditions. All the employee wants to know is that the contract entered into is going to be honoured. Confidence is the next step with the expectation that concerns are taken seriously and not undermined by management thugs. All the employee asks for is personal value. Respect is always the last because it has to be earned and not expected because of one’s station in life.

It’s been over 100 years since the 1913 Great Strike and 63 years since the 1951 lockout yet the expectation of the capitalist remains exactly the same, profit at the expense of conscience and greed before humanity. When will they learn that in this modern era working-class and the trade union movement are not going to sit idly by and allow the intimidation tactics to have the impact it would have earlier in the last century. The scab is a weak feral that has no intestinal fortitude and that is why it fits within the framework of anti-union anti-worker work-sites, they are content to have the relationship of a lap dog with their owners without any real value.

We the union are a stubborn lot and demand the best from our employer. We will have a voice, we will not always be satisfied but you will get the expertise you pay for and the productivity if you are honourable. We will never forgive your scabs because it is against every moral we stand for, so don’t have any expectation of that. Maybe one day we might forgive you but believe us when we say we will never forget, you will never have our respect.


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