Solidarity for Palestine

We stand in solidarity with our Palestinian sisters and brothers being murdered by Israel. It is unconscionable to stand by and say nothing as Gaza is bombed into the stone age, its people displaced and children slaughtered. When doctors are forced to evacuate hospitals full of sick patients because of Israeli bombs, it shows how inhumane the Israeli assault is, and how indiscriminate their targeting of civilians are. Dr Basman Alashi, executive director of Al-Wafa rehab and geriatric hospital in eastern Gaza City described the assault on the electronic intafada;

       “It started just before nine, they started it and it continued every other minute, firing at the           hospital. They started on the fourth floor, continued to the third, then from the back of the hospital, then to the side, then to the front, then they cut the electricity, we have fuel everywhere. I don’t know the extent of the damage but it reached a point where my nurses were unable to function, unable to stand, unable to help the patients,” Alashi said.

This is not a war, it's a military assault on a civilian population guilty of being trapped in area of land 40km long 8km wide. Guilty of being forced out of their native homeland, guilty of not being able to travel freely in their homeland, guilty of being palestinian.

John Minto of GPJA and Mana says;

"For 66 years the Palestinian people have been brutalised by an apartheid Israeli government. The ground offensive begun this morning is just a continuation of murder and mayhem Israel has visited upon Palestinians every day since 1948.
For example on average every three days over the past 13 years a Palestinian child had been murdered by Israel. You'd never know that reading our mainstream media which are little more than propaganda mouthpieces for Israel just as the media were once propaganda outlets for the racist white South African government.
The firing of rockets from Gaza into Israel has never been the issue. They are a symptom of the real problem which is Israel's brutal military occupation of the West Bank; its medieval siege of Gaza; its on-going theft of Palestinian land; its apartheid wall; its murder of Palestinians on a daily basis...
The only thing for humanity to celebrate from all this is the heroism of the Palestinian people. Their spirit of indominable determination and resistance will win through in the end.
Our job in New Zealand is to stand squarely with the Palestinian people and isolate the apartheid Israeli government and its vile and inhuman policies and practices.
Share the poster and come to the march tomorrow and show the brutal bullies that we stand with Palestinians.
We are all Palestinians!"


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