By our works, Earth shall succeed

Brother and sister comrades, the end is nigh! We have given our consent through inaction for the interests of capitalism to take what they please, to rape the earth we were born on, and pillage the land we live on. Over the past one hundred years of capitalist development, we have seen the degeneration of our planet at a rate previously unheard of. Domestic oil supplies have run dry or reached the decade-till-dry mark in many critical industrial areas of the world. Our oceans and their ability to sustain life both under, and out of the water have been considerably damaged or depleted, with the fisherman's catch being leaner and leaner each season. Our soil is becoming seriously depleted and the amount of arable land on earth is being shrunk – with a population set to explode within the next few decades. This presents a problem with regards to keeping the population of the earth fed and maintaining some semblance of social stability.

With this rock we inhabit being the only known place in the infinite stretches of space that can support life and ensure the continuation of our species, it is of paramount importance that we preserve what we have left for ourselves and attempt to reverse the damage already done. The corporate interests have proven beyond reasonable doubt that they are incapable of doing anything but the opposite of what we as a species needs. The green parliamentary parties of the world have led a defeat through paralysis, solely through their forced collaboration with the capitalist interests. They have negotiated themselves into a position where to allow positive environmental progress, they must collude with those interested only in the preservation of nature for profit, therefore diluting their own politics and messages in the process. 

The existing methods for slowing and reversing the degeneration of our climate have proven highly ineffective, and it can no longer be assumed that they will bring about any meaningful reversal, or slowing of climate change at all. For example we see the New Zealand green party has planned a policy that involves charging a state-owned bank with investment in eco-capitalist ventures. Russell Norman himself said in the electoral campaign just passed that he was “more committed to the free market” than our own prime minister! We cannot trust the elite to pursue an agenda that supports the environment, as it is not seen to be fiscally productive – in other words, we cannot trust those who are in charge to put the environment ahead of the economy, even if it spells the end of life as we know it.

The conservation of the environment relates to our future and our immediate national interest more than one may assume. What happens now will decide the future quality, availability and prices of food and fuel, as well as affecting the general quality of life and availability of employment. The schemes that are in place now are futile. For example we can clearly see that Carbon credits are a failed policy, the Kyoto protocols were a mere gesture and the climate change summit is a joke that we politely take an interest in. The lack of political will to address the issue properly, considering the incentive, is shocking and disgusting.

The bottom line: we are headed for economic, social and environmental catastrophe due to our inaction or ineffective action.

Thus, we find ourselves confronted by a conundrum. We have to ask ourselves, do attempts to influence the parliamentary parties through piecemeal marches up and down the main drag, or outside guarded conferences work? Or do we assume that the outcome will be the same (negligible)? We in Socialist Aotearoa endorse a regime of peoples supremacy, and believe that revolutionary changes to our governments means of operation are key to the success of the halting, and reversing of climate change and other green & social damages. 

Brother and sister comrades, we must organize ourselves before it is too late. The time of true crisis is rapidly approaching. The environmental path we tread is a path to destruction and death, unless we take a revolutionary detour and disrupt our course. Comrades, we do not need anyone else to organize our society for us, to represent us, or to rule us! We are perfectly capable of working together to act in our own interests, on our own initiatives. We are capable of protecting our own environment & communities, and living without government supervision. 

The days of tinkering with policy has long since past. The crises has thickened, the climate change countdown has accelerated and the need for decisive action is more urgent than ever. It is imperative to the survival of our species and culture, that we unite and revolt before this impending environmental death and social genocide we have allowed ourselves to entertain, manifests itself and ends humanity as we know it. 

Revolt, comrades! Prevent your children's untimely demise!



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