This home is Occupied.

In Glen Innes, elderly Niki has been threatened with eviction from the home she has lived in for decades. Her state home has been sold to a redevelopment company that is trying to make megabucks by gentrifying her neighbourhood.

Niki is refusing to leave her home. And why should she leave? Why should she give into the government's plans to profit by tearing up her community, accepting a precarious new existence that could see her shifted out south?

The developers are going to obtain a possession order this Tuesday, the 24th of January. We need to stop them from evicting her, and this means protecting her house through a mass peaceful sit-in.

This is about saving Niki's home, but it's also about something much bigger. While our rents climb and climb and climb, state housing is being eaten away at. If we don't stand up to this, we will be dragged further towards this new reality where housing is not a right but an expensive, temporary privilege. This affects all of us.

If we stop her eviction, we will ignite hope across Glen Innes and the country that state housing tenants have a right to their homes, and that we can defend them together.

If you are reading this, I am asking you to come to 14 Taniwha Street at 9am on Tuesday. If you can't, come later on the day, or Monday, or whenever you can. We need you.

By Sam Vincent.


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