A Return to Union Solidarity.

To attempt a gargantuan struggle alone is a mammoth task indeed. Just as we unite together to fight the bosses unions must band together in solidarity when the negotiations break down and the struggle hits the streets. As the Nurses struggle intensifies the class is faced with the cruel reality that what eventuates here will set the tone for the worker's struggle under this somewhat misleadingly named Labour government.

For my generation the class struggle under a Labour government is a totally new game far more insidious than the cut throat front stabbing nature of the struggle under National. And many of the freshly graduated nurses are younger still. This it is vital that we stand on the shoulders of giants and knowledge the mighty struggles of the past. Wihi, and the Waterfront strikes, to Mc Strike and the Zero hours campaign we must struggle together and stand in solidarity with the nurses.

Nurses wages have stagnated in relation to inflation. Care has become a commodity under the cut throat regime of recent health policy with flow on impact in the community.  With patient care not up to standard. Inexperienced nurses forced to perform to a standard far beyond their years resulting in inordinate strain on our youngest healthcare workers. Nursing has become a low wage job which is totally unacceptable. Middlemore is falling apart DHB's are rotten to the core. The government won't do it we must get out on the picket lines and support the Nurses.

So where is the money going to come from? Put simply there is only one way to collect the funding to sort this colossal mess the current tax system is skewed to extort funding from those who can least afford it while the capitalist classes pay little to no tax on the surplus value that they extract from our tireless labour. We have the money to fix this it is simply sitting captive in the pockets of the wealthy. We must Tax the Rich to Sort the hospitals. Pay the nurses a living wage and fund the care to standards that will be the envy of the world.

Solidarity Forever
Comrade Eva.


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