Why is the Media Silent About This... Aotearoa Rallies for Justice in Palestine

"Why is the media silent about this"... The words of Palestinian refugee Billy Hania echoed through the town square as about 100 people rallied for justice in Palestine. That morning 10 people killed on the border of Gaza including one journalist according to Rodger Fowler from Kia Ora Gaza. Gaza the largest open air prison under constant attack while our government is silent. Fowler proposed that the government should shut the Israeli embassy.

In the aftermath of the good Friday massacre Auckland rallied for Palestine where Israeli snipers killed 18 with highly train snipers targeted journalists and civilians while the blockade of Gaza continues to affect the lives of millions of Palestinians who were cleared out of the land occupied by Israel. The Labour government continues to maintain diplomatic relations with Israel regardless of the human rights abuses said rouge state continues to perpetuate. The perpetrator of the violence continues to claim to be the victim.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the notorious Nakba day we must build in solidarity to send shock waves around the world to bring this rouge apartheid state of Israel to it's knees. To stop Israel we must make the world say no to Zionism. The two state solution is dead Israel had no intention of honoring it. The only course of action is a single secular Palestinian state where Jew and Arab alike have an equal stake.

Solidarity and Freedom for Palistine.
Comrade Eva

      LGBT For Palistine


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