The Rank and File mobilize time to listen to the workers.

The nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants have been on a what is now turning out to be a long and windy road to getting their work rights. Long and windy to the detriment of the workers as the first of two 24-hour strikes gets called off by the union bosses under the guise of a newly negotiated deal. But highly advantageous for the union bureaucrats and the government that is all about budget responsibilities and running budget surpluses.

Throughout this struggle the small minority of well-paid bureaucrats have been dominating negotiations with little regard for the needs of the health sector workers who pay them. The Union is the workers and the bureaucrats they pay are not working for them. The health sector has been neglected by subsequent capitalist governments. The backroom deals favoured by the bureaucrats are not in the interests of the workers who are the union. The bureaucrats must step aside and let the union exercise their labour rights and speak the only language the capitalist bureaucrats in the DHB understand, hit them in the pocket and strike.

Strikes are only unfortunate for the capitalist class. The idea that workers can exercise power over the relentless exploitation of capitalism is a challenge to the hegemony of the capitalist class. Whatever offer is on the table simply isn't good enough given the totally dilapidated state of the working conditions in the health sector. The DHBs and this government must stop stealing from Peter to pay Paul. We must Tax the rich to fund our essential public services.

Lets have less of the budget surpluses. Instead lets have more than 500 (0.07 per ward) additional nurses for Aotearoa, lets have the billions of dollars stashed away in ACC trust (not for accidents and injuries) poured into our crumbling public health system, lets listen to the nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants, teachers, bus drivers and all the workers of Aotearoa. Lets do this!

SA Editorial Team.


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