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Democracy For Sale

Many adjectives have been used this week for the unfolding saga between Simon Bridges and Jamie Lee Ross in the National Party – racist, ugly, disgraceful, corrupt, jihadi Jami…….. One Chinese, two Indians, a Filipino etc. etc. This kind of talk grossly offends me as a human being first and foremost, then I feel insulted as an Indian and finally I’m outraged as a resident and a taxpayer in Aotearoa paying fat salaries to money making thugs in the guise of public servants! But I’m not surprised at all as a Socialist. The National Party is at present in opposition but their core philosophy remains unchanged; a core philosophy that obviously views people as votes and dollars instead of hard working citizens who create the dollars for them through their labour. Therefore, whether in government or not, the political parties of a profiteering capitalist system are always the ruling class. As described by Karl Marx, the ruling class is like a “band of warring brothers” in constant compe