Auckland Solidarity with the people of Burma

Dear friends
Myanmar ( Burma ) Cyclone: has killed nearly half a million so far, millions missing, thousands at risk of disease, thousands are starving, thousands are displaced, and amid much horrible devastation.

Brutal regime told people to stay out of temples and houses, and that they must look elsewhere on their own. But there is nothing left for these people.

International aid agencies are trying so hard to get into Burma to help the victims, but the regime has repeatedly rejected humanitarian workers to coming into the country.

Please join Burma Support Group of the University of Auckland for a candle light visual night to commemorate the dead, and to pray for the victims of the Cyclone

Date: Wednesday May 14th, 2008
Time: 6-8pm
Place: Auckland University Quad, Princess st, Auckland .
Contact: Tinmama 0211664294, Rufus 02102528886


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