Tu Kotahi - Freedom Fighting Anthems

"Tu Kotahi - Freedom Fighting Anthems" is a CD Compilation to raise money for those affected by the October 15th 'Terror' Raids.


All the money raised is split between organisations directly supporting those affected by the raids, and also working on consciousness raising around the issue.

The CDs were released, as a double CD, on Waitangi Day.

Cost $25 including a 38-page booklet.
If you have a credit card you can order the CDs at http://freedomfighterscd.org.nz/order. Otherwise please use the Contact form at http://freedomfighterscd.org.nz/contact to find other ways of getting them.

The booklet, called Wahanui, was put together by Conscious Collaborations and can be downloaded from http://conscious.maori.nz

The CD will be posted to you and should arrive within 10 days.

They are $25 + $2 for postage and packaging.


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