Workshop- Disaster Capitalism and the Burmese Cyclone

This second workshop by Socialist Aotearoa looks at the Shock Doctrine, the new book by Naomi Klein, and how the ruling class uses the impact of natural disasters, war and economic chaos to pulverise opposition and increase its power.

Omar Hamed will give a short presentation on the book and its main themes, and Tinmama Oo from the Burmese Support Group in AUSA will talk about the impact of the Cyclone on the people of Myanmar, and what the revolutionary democratic forces plan to do next in the run up to the 20th anniversary of the 8.8.88 revolution.

Can the Shock Doctrine be broken? Is it possible that the impact of this horrible disaster on Burma can weaken the hegemony of its brutal military junta? Come to the workshop and discuss.

Thursday 7pm,
Business Campus, Auckland University
for more details phone Tuna at


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