After the Terror Raids- Global Day of Action 30 August

Global Day of Action 30 August

Demonstrations and protests are being planned around the world for the global day of action to ‘Drop the Charges’ against the 20 people arrested in the nationwide State Terror Raids of 15 October 2007.

Why have a day of action?
The day of action is a chance to educate and inform people about what is happening with the case. Many people believe that since the Terrorism charges were not successfully laid by Police, that everything is fine. We need to let people know that the case is on-going. It also is an opportunity to re-ignite involvement in the issues of Tino Rangatiratanga, Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe and repealing of the Terrorism Suppression Act. People can come along to express their rage, anger and sadness at the raids, and their on-going commitment to the solidarity work.

What is happening?
There are demonstrations and actions being planned around the globe. In Wellington, there will be an action starting at 12 noon at 128 Abel Smith Street. People should come along prepared for a demonstration and protest. It might include a tour of the places that were raided and a visit to the local police station. Bring along your signs, banners, placards, do some street theatre and make some noise for justice and freedom!

You can find out what is happening in your community by checking out the website. If you are organising in your community, please let us know about your event so that we can publicise it, email

If nothing is organised in your community, you could do something with your friends, family and local networks. The October 15th Solidarity group in Wellington can help you with resources including posters, leaflets and information.

Sign onto the Solidarity Statement!

Support the international day of action and the on-going solidarity work by signing onto our statement below and getting active in your community. The solidarity statement below is for both individuals and organisations. If you would like to sign onto the statement, please use this form or email us at with your name and/or organisation and we will include you. The international day of action is scheduled for Saturday 30 August (this is just before the start of the Depositions Hearings in Auckland on 1 September and set down for a month). If you are interested in organising an event in your community, we can send posters and leaflets, just let us know what you need. Mobilising people on the street is the best action we can take!

Statement of support: October 15th Solidarity
We demand the unconditional freedom of the people who are facing charges as a result of the state terror raids on 15 October 2007.

Attempts by the Police to lay charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act (TSA) failed but people are still facing politically motivated
charges under the Arms Act. These charges are the result of a racist operation.

Police used the Terrorism Suppression Act and over $8 million to harass and punish political activists who they saw as supporting Tino

The Police have arrested a few people but we're all targeted. The arrests of 15 October are aimed at intimidating and frightening all
of our communities and cannot be tolerated.

We therefore call on everyone to stand up against this attack on our communities. We support the global day of action on 30 August 2008 and are mobilising to demand the unconditional freedom of the people facing charges as a result of the state terror raids.

Supporting organisations (11th August 2008)


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