60 children butchered- Nato tries to hide Afghan massacres

by Simon Assaf

Latest attacks destroy second Afghan village killing 70

Over 500 civilians killed by Nato forces this year

Nato is attempting to cover up a series of massacres committed by its forces in a murderous campaign of airstrikes on Afghanistan.

In the latest incident over 70 people are believed to have been killed in a massive bombardment of villages in southern Helmand province.

This comes two weeks after a raid in the western Herat province that left over 90 people dead, among them 60 children. The US and its allies continue to claim that they only killed Taliban fighters in the attack on the village.

But an investigation by the Afghan government and the United Nations (UN) has confirmed that the dead were civilians.

The UN investigation found that “the destruction from aerial bombardment was clearly evident with some seven to eight houses having been totally destroyed and serious damage to many others.

“Local residents were able to confirm the number of casualties – including names, age and gender of the victims.”

The latest killings came after thousands of US soldiers reinforced Nato troops to launch a offensive on the Sangin district of Helmand last week.

Nato announced that it killed 220 “insurgents” there. But over the weekend news began to filter out that scores of wounded people had approached occupation troops begging for medical aid. They told soldiers that hundreds had been killed or wounded by the attack.

As news of the atrocity began to leak out, Nato announced that the Taliban was preparing to make “a false claim” over civilian deaths.

But the Reuters news agency reports that it has received telephone calls from locals confirming that 70 civilians had been killed.

Amir Dado, a former provincial intelligence chief and local MP in the US-sponsored government, told Reuters that, “There is basically no Taliban killed. The Taliban fire and escape, then foreign troops come and bombard. Three hundred people have been killed and wounded.”

This growing toll of civilian deaths came as the US airforce disclosed that it dropped over 272 tonnes of bombs on Afghanistan in June and July this year – more than the whole of 2006.

At least 500 civilians are believed to have been killed in these raids, fanning widespread anger at the occupation.

In Kabul angry locals took to the streets after a raid on a house in the eastern quarter of the capital killed a father and his two baby boys.

Witnesses say that foreign troops threw a grenade into the house where the infants where sleeping. Nato denies that it conducted the raid.

In another grim milestone the US announced that 500 of its soldiers have been killed since the occupation of Afghanistan began.

The death of a British soldier on Monday brings to 200 the number of foreign soldiers to die there this year.

Nato’s occupation is spiralling out of control, and further injections of troops can only make the situation worse. This war is lost – morally, politically and militarily.


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