Free Lex Wotton! Aboriginal Political Prisoner gets 6 Years whilst murdering cops get promotion

Whilst politicians electioneered, Auckland's radical left organised a solidarity picket for Lex Wotton, Aboriginal political leader, who was being sentenced today for his part in the Palm Island uprising against black deaths in police custody. The CBD Downtown area echoed to the chants of "Free All Political Prisoners- Free Lex Wotton NOW!", "No Justice, No Peace, Abolish the Police" and "White Australia- Black History!" as about 30 people joined an info-picket, which then marched on the Australian Consulate.

Socialist Aotearoa's Joe Carolan promised that Lex's cause would be adopted by anti racists in Aotearoa, and that Kevin Rudd and Australian Labour party officials could expect a hostile greeting every time they turned up to Auckland from now on-

"Sorry Day was not enough from Rudd and the Labour government. The military occupation of Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territories continues, and now we see all white jury Klan Justice in the sticks, with racist cops getting medals for kicking black men to death in their colonial jails. Lex Wotton will now be a Mandela, a Mumia for the struggle for Aboriginal Rights and Soverignity, and Socialist Aotearoa will be organising ungoing solidarity to bring this case to national prominence. Kia kaha, Lex, much Aroha from your comrades across the ditch-
Always was, always will be, Aboriginal Land."

Wotton will be eligible for parole in July 2010.

You have probably heard by now that Lex Wotton was sentenced today to 6 years, with a minimum of two to be served. for the best coverage of the case, please see The National Indigenous Times

But Lex is not giving up. There will be an appeal, and Lex and his family will need money to continue with the appeal, and to allow Lex to continue to see his family throughout the ordeal. 100% of this money goes to Lex's family. Please give today so we can continue to support Lex!

Bank name: Melbourne University Credit Union Limited
Account name: Free Lex Wotton
cuscau2sxxx (only if transferring from overseas)
BSB: 803-143
Account number: 13441 (all transfers)

And please please keep sending your emails of support to Lex at

We send a batch off every week to Lex and will continue to do so until he is free!

Lex Patrick Wotton has been jailed for six years for inciting a riot on Palm Island off north Queensland in 2004. The sentence was handed down in the District Court in Townsville by Judge Michael Shanahan.

Two weeks ago, a jury in Brisbane found Wotton guilty of inciting the 2004 riot following the death in custody of Mulrunji Doomadgee.

This morning Judge Shanahan sentenced Wotton to seven years, but that has been reduced to six taking into account time already served.

He will be eligible for parole in July 2010.

Last year, Queensland Police Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley was found not guilty of Mulrunji's death and this week police involved in quelling the riot were awarded bravery medals.


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