Murdered Kiwi Socialist Blair Peach- 30th Anniversary

Auckland's Bfm interview with Joe Carolan on
Blair Peach's Life and Death

Thursday night marks the 30th anniversary of the murder of Kiwi socialist and anti-racist Blair Peach at the hands of the British Police. We're asking everyone to make a special effort to come to his memorial and celebrate the struggle against racism and fascism, which Blair paid for with his life.

Print out a poster and put it up-

Invite all you friends thru the facebook event-

or see you in TOM FORDEs BAR,
122 ANZAC AVENUE, this THURSDAY from 8pm
(wear your anti racist colours!)

Socialist Aotearoa


Our teacher Blair
Had tousled old hair

Big brown eyes
An enormous size

And they smiled when he walked
And they smiled when he talked

And whenever he stammered
His love only hammered

Our teacher Blair
He was always fair

Black white or brown
He’d never let us down

He taught us words
That made us fly like birds

And the meaning of together
And to stay that way forever

He taught us right
And how we’d have to fight

To make the world again
And find peace again

One hell of a teach
Was our Mr Peach

He didn’t make no fuss
Just struggled and died for us

(one of Blair' students wrote this poem after his murder)


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