A tale of two referenda- Hit Poverty, not Kids.

Over 200 worksite delegates from Unite union gathered in Mount Albert last Thursday to launch a campaign that promises to see some of the passion and colour of its SupersizeMyPay fight re-ignite on the national stage. Unite is now collecting signatures for a Citizens Initiated referendum to raise the minimum wage to $15ph immediately, and then by steps until it reaches two thirds of the average industrial wage. The campaign was endorsed at the meeting by the candidates for the Labour and Green parties, as well as Darien Fenton of the SFWU, but the real outstanding speeches came from the delegates themselves, all of whom are struggling to make ends meet on low wages.

Socialist Aotearoa organisers and delegates within Unite will be doing our part to build a massive united front that takes the $15ph petition to the streets. If you want to do a stall in your workplace, community or campus, please contact us at 021 186 1450.


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