Victory to the Busworkers of Auckland

For weeks now, the bosses have been going on the offensive in New Zealand. Emboldened by the election of a National-Act government, they are now declaring industrial war against the working class. They have used the Lockout weapon against Telecom Engineers, Open Country Cheese Dairy workers and now our Busdrivers. This attack now needs to be met by co ordinated action by the Union movement.

Ten of thousands of Auckland workers are also locked out by Infratil- the working poor who rely on Public Transport. Those of us who cannot afford expensive parking charges and high petrol prices must now attempt to find other ways to work. We will not be blaming the Locked out Busworkers. They are workers just like us- struggling to survive in a low wage economy that sees their pay scale go from $14 to $16 odd.

We will be blaming the Corporates in Infratil- a useless company that wastes the millions of dollars it receives in Public Subsidy in dodgy investment ventures overseas. The money they receive from us should be spent first and foremost on providing Auckland with a decent public transport system, and in paying our drivers a decent wage they can raise families on.

INfratil have lost all rights to run a business in Auckland- this lockout is living proof of their titanic failure. When their Lockout is defeated, we should settle the score with them and Nationalise the Bus fleet with zero compensation to them. Private profiteering has no place in a service as essential as public transport- and the idiots in Infratil should be run out of town.

It is time that the bosses of New Zealand got a taste of the anger that low paid workers feel. The Lockout is a double edged weapon- meant to smash our unions into submission, but capable of raising a righteous anger and indignation in every decent member of the working class. Once unleashed, this Genie is difficult to bottle again.

We'll be on the pickets outside the depots shoulder to shoulder with the drivers throughout this Lockout. We'll collect money in our workplaces and bring it with food and solidarity. We'll encourage other groups of workers in struggle to join together for the Halloween March against Poverty Wages on Friday October 30th at 7pm in Aotea Square. Now is the time for us to unite-

Joe Carolan, editor


Socialist Aotearoa calls for free and frequent public transport, this will cut CO2 emissions. On the day that the Corporate Infratil has locked out hundreds of Auckland's busdrivers, we will be initiating a BusRiders Union campaigning for
(1) Public Ownership of Public Transport
(2) Fare-Free and Frequent Transport
(3) Fair pay for Busdrivers
(4) an end to the lockout of both busdrivers and worker commuters

COme to the inaugral meeting tonight at 630pm in Clubspace, above the Quad in the University of Auckland.


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