$15ph Living Wage Strike!

From 1pm to 2pm on Friday 9th April workers at JB Hi-fi in Wellington will be taking strike action. We’ll be picketing the store at the corner of Willis Street and Willeston Street.

We need your help. In this country when low paid workers unionise and ask their corporate bosses for a modest wage increase and get turned down we don’t have many options. Either we wait a year or two for the bosses to flick them some crumbs or we decide to take action.

When a group of workers takes action, it’s important that other workers stand with them in solidarity. It’s the only way we’ll win. This Friday’s action is only the beginning but it’ll be the first ever strike at a JB Hi-Fi store. So we’d love to see you on the picket lines with us.

Most JB Hi-Fi workers are paid 75 cents above the minimum wage. Australian electronic retail giant JB Hi-Fi’s net profit after tax is expected to be A$117 million to A$120 million this year.

JB Hi-Fi has told employees in New Zealand they shouldn’t expect a pay rise this year. Yet over in Australia JB Hi-Fi workers earn nearly twice as much as New Zealand workers.

Unite members in JB Hi-Fi are taking action on Friday in support of a $15hr wage for experienced retail workers. It’s not a lot to ask for when you think that last year the CEO of JB Hi Fi was paid over A$2 million.

For the last six months we’ve been circulating a petition for a $15hr minimum wage as part of our Campaign for a Living Wage. It is a demand that’s getting a lot of support from people all over this country. And if we stand together and fight for it, we’ll win it. That’s why this Friday we’re taking action.


“We've been told that our next opportunity for a pay rise will be next year. That means that the majority of us will have been here two and a half years with no raise.” – Shanna, JB Hi-Fi Wellington.

“JB have a great Wellington team, yet most are living week by week without being able to put money aside for their future. $13.50hr is not enough!”– Tony, JB Hi-Fi Wellington.

“JB staff feel an intense loyalty to our employer. We're taking this action because we feel that loyalty is not reciprocated.” – George, JB Hi-Fi Wellington.


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