The Battle of Sky City- Photos and video from the barricades

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Thanks to Rory Gatfield for his Flickr photographs above.

John Darroch's superb photographs HERE

3News headline news HERE

3News background- Angry Protestors Hunt John Key HERE

One News headline news HERE

One News background HERE

NZ Herald- Protest 'First Shot' in fight over changes HERE

Chris Trotter- Defeat is not an Option HERE

Much respect- One Man Hikoi ;)
Tino flag flies on the front line! Video HERE

Daphna Whitmore from the Workers' Party has written a report from today's action,

At the rally today a Dairy Worker’s Union representative said they’d be taking the fight to the workplace and be calling on workers to strike to defend fellow workers sacked in the 90 day period.

One action like that would be worth a thousand mediations.


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