Direct Action at the Westin Hotel- 730am 2mro Tuesday.

Calling all Direct Actionists.

Following the victory at BurgerFuel, the UTU squad calls on all its supporters to make your way 2mro morning to the Westin Hotel in the Viaduct.

Starting at 730am, workers and their families facing redundancies because of the greed of Nigel McKenna, Michael Stiassny and the Royal Bank of Scotland will begin their fight.

Come down and help us block the lobby.

Come down and help us appeal to workers kept on to join the union and strike in solidarity with their mates who've been given the sack.

Come down to put the Westin under siege until Fashion Week begins on September 21st.

If they lock the workers out, then no one should cross the picket line.
more info- contact Joe at 029 44 55 702

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