New Anti-capitalist - Paul Henry, European rebellion, Clicktavism and more

Take a look at our brand new Anti-Capitalist. This time it's double the content with 8 pages full of news, views and analysis straight from the streets and the workplaces. 200 copies were eagerly picked up in Aotea Square by rank'n'file Labour Party delegates over the weekend.

You can download the full PDF here. (15MB).

In this issue:

We take a look at Paul Henry's racist garbage and set out a socialist response.

Workers' revolts from Europe to Aotearoa are turning the table on the capitalist class. Neo-liberalism continues to fall apart. We ask, is this just the beginning of the resistance?

Austerity politics is making disabled people and beneficiaries the scapegoats that the bankers created. Let's unite the unemployed, disabled and the unions to fight the right.

Joe C. takes a good hard look at life in Ireland after the crisis and paints a vivid picture, "It’s like seeing an old friend again, and when they smile, seeing that they’ve had all their front teeth kicked out."

Plus we've got the latest on the Kwila campaign, protests against Search and Surveillance Bill, the American right and Clicktavism.

All articles written here in Aotearoa by Socialist Aotearoa activists fighting the fight for a better world in your community.


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